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Hello, hello

West Fifteenth is a lifestyle blog that was instigated while living in Manhattan, on W15thSt. It’s a little lifestyle blog where I share the things, the places, the flavours and the stuff that inspire me – I like to read this type of content, and I like to write about it.

You’re here because you want to know a bit more about me, so in a very small nutshell… my now-husband (then boyfriend) moved to Sydney in May 2010 for an adventure (neither of us had ever been there, I may add!). It was all sorts of awesome, we met all kinds of incredible people and ended up living there for 4 years (sorry Mum and Dad).

We met in work, both in the same advertising industry and both shared the same dream to work and live in the advertising capital of the world so we continued our ex-pat adventure in New York. During our 2 years there, we got married and found out the great news that I had a bun in the oven… we both felt it was the right time to move back to the UK and swap our West Fifteenth Manhattan zipcode for the leafy suburban streets of Surrey.

Which brings me right up to date. I am currently a full-time Mummy to our Cassie Valentine. She is wicked. Tops. Ace. Motherhood has been the most difficult and most rewarding adventure I have ever experienced. As a Mum, the web has never been more useful or more depressing and I have a whole load of new inspiration to want to write about.

Thank you for stopping by my nook of the internet.


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