Blame it on the baby


WTF?! 28th January 2015 was the last time I posted a blog – Iceland Part 1. Whatever happened to Part 2…? I struggled to think/write anything due to brutal tiredness. It was a typical cold winter in New York. I found my 10 commute more difficult than the year before (which was during a Polar blooming Vortex) and I couldn’t stay awake past 6pm – there was no hope in me writing a blog when I got home from work, basically.

On Tuesday 20th January 2015, the day after Martin Luther King Day (which was spent eating a raw burger swished down with lots of beers!) I had the crazy feeling of weeing on a stick and being acquainted with the blue line – it read pregnant. I was pregnant. I was having a baby. I was PREGNANT….!?!!!!!

I am going to write a series of posts about my experiences of pregnancy, and all things motherhood, so won’t go in to detail in this very post. But it’s my ‘excuse’ for falling off the side of the earth when it comes to disowning my blog!

A lot has happened since finding out our little Casserole in the oven was a girl back in May last year (when I posted this pic on instagram, a vest she still wears and gives me goosebumps) – we re-located back to the UK, we now have a 6 month old disco-diva-baby and I am unemployed!

I promise to write Iceland Part 2 soon! I have loved getting lost in all my regular blog reads, and have of course found new ones since being a new-mum. I’ve been wanting to start blogging again myself, so here it is. Finally. Even if no-one except my Mum and sister ever read this; it feels good great to be back!


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