Would If I Could | Pink Valentino Dress


{Pink Leather Collared Valentino Dress}

I am so fed up with my winter wardrobe. I found myself daydreaming of warm, summer days all weekend. This wasn’t made any easier thanks to my Facebook newsfeed being filled with pics of Australia based friends who were on beaches and generally cavorting around in summer frocks and bikinis. The snow is pouring in New York City and we’re expecting a record breaking blizzard (if you believe the hype) – so I’m nowhere near putting the snowboots and woolly hats away *sighs and wafts arms above head like a three year old having a tantrum*


I have always been a lover of the smock style frock: more coverage on top, short hemline, many shoe options and on the whole very easy to wear (i.e allows one to eat a burger, fries and cupcake in comfort). I absolutely adore this Valentino dress, the waist modernises the typical smock shape without being too stuffy. It’s such a gorgeous pink and I love the flared hem and sleeves and that leather printed collar is so flirty. I definitely would if I could.

By the way, a very Happy Australia day to all my Aussie friends and readers.

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