Weekly Web Favourites | WWF


1/ I love creating photo books using Instagram pics. I’m not sure I would want to wear a temp tattoo of an Instagram pic, but I love we live in a world where you can if you want to!

2/ As a perpetual procrastinator, when I get going on something I sometimes try and do everything at once. I do not advise doing this. I repeat, I do not advise doing this. Here are some pros and cons of doing one thing at a time.

3/ I’ve been really getting into podcasts recently* and discovered 5 new podcasts to listen to this week.

4/ Do you believe in hocus pocus? I never cared for all the internet chatter about mercury being in retrograde until last September when my Mac completely died on me, completely out of the blue combined with my husband and I having some serious travel issues for a prolonged period of time! I will park my skepticism for a while and read up on this mercury in retrograde survival guide.

5/ How to ask for more money in work. With a title like that, of course it is worth a read.

6/ I love perusing the interweb for houses I can’t afford to buy and hotels I can’t afford to stay in. I stumbled across this list of hotels that make you go wow and started pinning like a fiend.

7/ On the leadup to our wedding last year, I got seriously obsessed over the weather forecast. This wedding proves no matter rain or shine, nothing will but a dampener on your day (not even when your tipi gets flooded). These are some of the most gorgeous wedding pics ever!

8/ We all remember the scene from Pretty Woman when Julia Roberts’ character struggled with cracking a snail shell and wittingly said “slippery little sucker”. Don’t be a sucker yourself, read these top travel tips on how to eat like a local, no matter what country you’re in.

9/  I just love office tours. This one brightened my week.

10/ I received a random whatsapp from one of my besties today that had me laughing out loud. I laughed so hard it deserves the full expression, no LOLs here! What do you get when you cross a video selfie with pop culture expressions. This!

* future blog post idea – list of my fav podcasts

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