Prepping for Oscars ’15


I’ve always loved award show sartorialism, what self-confessed frou-frou-aholic doesn’t? But being in the U.S.A last year made the whole thing much more exciting and I’m happy to admit that I got really swept away with Oscars fever. Let’s be really honest, any excuse to get together with friends and order pizza, drink bubbles and discuss the merits (and faux pas) of frocks, bow ties and bouffants on the red carpet.

I downloaded this ballot so we could play along at home and realised that I hadn’t prepped for the Oscars at all. Sure, I was wearing gold sparkly trousers, gold glittery shoes and a bold eye makeup look but I hadn’t bloody watched enough films! I quite literally elected my Oscar winner in the same way I pick a horse to win the Grand National: I liked the title of film, I fancied the nominated actor* or I liked what they were wearing. Fickle, shallow? Yes. I vowed to do better for Oscars 2015.

This year, no more rookie errors for me. I want to ensure I’ve seen all the nominated movies for the big categories: best picture; best director; best lead and supporting actors (male and female).

So far I haven’t done too well and have only seen:


Grand Budapest Hotel, nominated for Best Picture and Best Actor for Wes Anderson.


The Imitation Game, nominated for Best Picture; Best Director for Morten Tyldum; best Actor for Benedict Cumberbatch and Best Supporting Actress for Keira Knightley.


The Theory of Everything, nominated for Best Picture; Best Actor for Eddie Redmayne; Best Actress for Felicity Jones.

I have got precisely 33 days to watch twelve films. If anyone wants me, I will be elbow deep in a box of popcorn.

Are you an Oscars lover? Will you be having an Oscars party? What is your favourite Oscar nominated film? Do you have an opinion on the highly publicised Oscar snubs?

*I have never fancied a jockey, just wanted to clear that up!

11 thoughts on “Prepping for Oscars ’15

  1. Well you’re way ahead of me my dear! I’ve only seen Grand Budapest, which I loved. Really want to see those other 2 though. And I love the idea of working through them all in time for the awards.

    I recently read ‘Wild’ which has been made into a film and Reese Witherspoon is nominated for Best Actress in it. I’m desperate to watch that because I loved the book! xxx


    • I wish we could go on a girly date to watch Wild together, I really liked the trailor and bet the book was fab fab fab. Ooh, we went to see The Theory of Everything and Imitation Game over the weekend (both feeling bleurgh, so movie weekend was all we could muster) and they are both brilliant, bloody loved them. Fear I may become the size of the Budapest Hotel with all this popcorn I am about to consume! xxx


      • Good to know! They’re both high up on my hit list so must watch them soon! Might make it my weekend mission. 🙂 xxx


      • Oh defo. Also, do you like listening to the Mark Kermode and Simon Mayo movie show on BBC Radio 5? We love listening to the podcast, if you don’t, it is soooo good, check it out. While those two were on holidays over the Christmas period, Sanjeev Bhaskar and James King sat in and interviewed Eddie Redmayne – was sooo interesting to hear about all the physical prep that went into his role as Stephen Hawking, a fab listen xxxx


  2. Well… we only have Birdman and Boyhood left to watch, one of which will be tonight so we’re nearly there! Hands down favourite for me is Whiplash, deserves best picture. Eddie Redmayne for best lead and JK Simmons for supporting. Unfortunately, and possibly rather tellingly, I haven’t seen many of the female noms movies… #glassceiling


    • I loved The Theory of Everything from beginning to end and thought Eddie Redmayne was incredible. Han said I would love Whiplash, excited! Get to see the female movies *tuts and rolls eyes!* xxx


  3. Bird man – AMAZEballs – will be well shocked if try don’t swoop and Oskie… See what is did there?! 😉 clearly the only thing I digested about this whole post, is the glitter related paraphernalia. Imagine the fun to be had! Xxx


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