Weekly Web Favourites | WWF

West Fifteenth Weekly Web Faves 15th January

Every Friday I’m going to share a selection of links I’ve loved from the world wide web. They may be funny, political, useful or simply entertaining. I’ve got a ridiculously high tolerance for pets in fancy dress but promise to limit the number of these!

1/ A look at the best fashion moments of 2014 and yes that Barbie Moschino collection and Chanel supermarket runway show are included!

2/ A wasp totally kicked a tarantula’s ass, which is not something I would ever usually watch, but the wasp is more fierce than Beyonce in hot pants. I bet you can’t watch it without giving yourself a comforting hug!

3/ I’m excited to try Ralph Lauren’s first restaurant, The Polo Bar, which is opening on Fifth Avenue soon

4/ Some people are good at selfies (some like me, are not) but really… these supermodel in lycra selfies just make me want to order a pizza and drink some pale ale!

5/ Eight ways to refresh your wardrobe staples to keep them fun and fresh

6/ Best beauty products for your pooches (I warned you!) – they deserve some January spoiling too, you know!

7/ Tips on how to write an excellent e-mail subject line, and no, it doesn’t involve loads of these guys – !!!!!

8/ A list of the 13 best tasting menus in NYC, I’ve not tried one of these yet. Must. Try. Harder

9/ Supposedly, answering 36 questions can find you love, one of my fave bloggers put it to the test

10/ Some great tips on how to flog your pre-loved stuff on e-bay – perfect way to get some extra readies this looooong month

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