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I have a terrible memory, but I’m also a really nostalgic person. How do you like that for a contradiction? Whether it’s a smell, a song or a street, I love being familiarized with a moment in time, a person, a place or all of the above!

My sister bought me the Issey Miyake gift set recently and it brought back fond memories of when we both lived at home with the rents and we’d bicker like cat and dog over whether one of us used too many squirts of eachother’s perfume. We had a strict limit of three squirts per borrow: one squirt for each side of the neck and one squirt on the wrist (we were unaware you shouldn’t rub your wrists together at that age!). Sometimes, we’d be really aggravating and sneak into each other’s rooms to have a few cheeky squirts while the other was blissfully unaware! Sisterly love at it’s finest.

I’ve worn Issey Miyake every day since receiving it and after not wearing it for about fifteen years remembered it’s so fresh and uplifting and the perfect antidote to these January blues.

It made me think about all the other perfumes I used to wear, which haven’t been in rotation for a looooong time. I’ve never been a signature scent girl, I’ve always enjoyed having a collection to suit my mood*. What perfumes remind you have times gone by?

Eau de Retro West Fifteenth Perfume Memories Nostalgia Fragrance_ckone by calvin klein

Eau de Retro West Fifteenth Perfume Memories Nostalgia Fragrance_ghost

Eau de Retro West Fifteenth Perfume Memories Nostalgia Fragrance_by dolce and gabbana

Eau de Retro West Fifteenth Perfume Memories Nostalgia Fragrance_very irresistible by givenchy

Eau de Retro West Fifteenth Perfume Memories Nostalgia Fragrance_deep red by hugo boss

Eau de Retro West Fifteenth Perfume Memories Nostalgia Fragrance_clinique happy

*with the big exception of Calvin Klein Euphoria. The only perfume I have bought 5+ bottles of and the only perfume I considered getting married in.

3 thoughts on “Eau de Retro

  1. Oooh love this post!! So I have 2 – Paris by Yves Saint Laurent. Wore this to death all through school, and while I don’t necessarily love it anymore (I let the husband smell it and got a distinctive ‘meh’ impression from him!) it brings back so many memories when I smell it. Real nostalgia in a bottle there.

    Probably my favourite all time smell is Ralph Lauren Romance. It’s my ‘go-to’. Although not what I wore on my wedding day. For that I wore Jo Malone, which is now my special occasion smell.

    I definitely had fond memories of Clinique Happy and Issey Miyake too though. There always seemed to be bottles of those in our house.

    Great post hun!! xxxx


    • Hi Lovely, so glad you liked this post. I’ve been listening to a 90s smash hits playlist on Spotify to really get into the retro headspace!

      I’ve got a huge soft spot for Paris by YSL too (my Mum used to wear it when I was little, maybe there’s a clue why the hubby doesn’t get too excited about it!) It is a classic. Oh and I love Romance too, great choice.

      Love that you have a new special occasion fragrance, deliciousness, I would love to get a Jo Malone scent one day


  2. Ah bf, Clinique Happy… The scent of my early twenties for def and I’m not ashamed to admit it! Also, who could forget those Saturdays and Sunday’s dowsing ourselves in the stuff during our Clinique and Clarins weekend shifts! One we obviously would not go near, like EVER, was the “elixir!” Aromatics Elixir, the smell of the 60 plus gang… No. Thank. You!
    You’re so right though bf, the smell of a certain perfume can transport you straight back to a time/place long forgotten about… Songs have the same effect for me! Love, love, love this post! xx


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