An Ode to Two Thousand Fourteen

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I’m 12 days late in saying this but – Happy New Year!! I’ve just arrived home from a totally lush three and a half week holiday and feel refreshed, energized and grateful. It was a holiday made up of many parts including my husband’s 30th bday celebrations, theatre and movie trips, Christmas (obvs), dinner with friends, engagement celebrations, my sister’s big glittery wedding and topped off with a week in fantastical Iceland – all with a good dose of Norovirus in the middle (but less said about that!!!).

I planned to have an unplugged time over Christmas and New Years. A combination of starting this blog with lapping up all the Christmassy blogs and Vlogs in December, meant I felt addicted to my computer/phone so wanted to completely switch off and focus on being present while home with our friends and family over the holiday period. It was so refreshing and I actually really enjoyed taking time out from the world wide web (although I went Instagram heavy while in Iceland it was so darn pretty and fun – I will write a post including our itinerary soon).

2014 couldn’t have ended on a bigger high – my sister got married on New Years Eve and their day was jam packed with love, fun and laughter. This couldn’t be a more appropriate celebration, I will always remember last year as the year of the weddings: I was a bride (ahhh, memories!!!) and a bridesmaid three times (ahhhh…. more memories!) and was a guest at even more weddings (ahhh… you feeling the love yet!!).

I am sorry for the belated wishes, I hope you had a corker of a Christmas whether it was totally plugged in or out!

An Ode to 2014

You were the year a dream became a reality

when I made Manhattan my home

You were the year I tuned in to what I want to achieve both personally and professionally

when I discovered new bloggers, podcasters and vloggers who inspired me to do as much as dream

You were the year I enjoyed my own disco davo company

when I happily went for dinner dates with me, myself and I

You were the year I became a wife

when firstly Elvis in Vegas, then Vicky T in France married us

You were the year I wore a load of pretty frocks

when we globe trotted our way to be part of our friend’s big days in Wales, England, France and Australia

You were the year my toy boy became my toy man

when Jack turned 30!

You were the year to remember


4 thoughts on “An Ode to Two Thousand Fourteen

  1. Awww honey what an awesome post!! Truly honoured to have made it into those photos. Can’t wait to hear more about your trip. xxxxx


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