Matchy-Matchy Christmas Jim-Jams

{Me, Sis and Mum – not at Christmas but on another occasion we all lounged in matching onsies and slippers! via @WestFifteenth}

One of the best things about Christmas is all the traditions. One of my fav family traditions is the ritual of me, my Mum and sister wearing matching Christmas pajamas. My sister started it years and years ago when she bought us all some Christmas PJs from Primark. Now, every year, one of us buys us all matching PJs, which we’ll wear on Christmas Eve. About five o’clock on Christmas Day, we’ll put them back on and bed in (I don’t mean actually get in to bed, I mean when you get all comfy in the lounge and ensure you have all the supplies you need!). We will be surrounded by way too many choccies, nuts, cheese, crackers and Twiglets and watch all the naff Christmas specials on the tele. You have to have Twiglets, a Terry’s Chocolate Orange and Mint Matchmakers at Christmas!!

Our PJs are always cheap and cheerful and are always a bit on the comical side. Here are some front runners for this year… I don’t think we’re alone with this tradition! Are your families Chrimbo PJ wearers?

West_Fifteenth_Christmas_PJs_Pyjamas_Pajamas_2{Clockwise from top left: Next £26; M&S £17.50 (in the sale); ASOS £14 (in the sale); Debenhams £32.50; Victoria’s Secrets $39.50 (in the sale); H&M $12.95 (bottoms only)}

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