W15th Recommends | New York Shopping Guide


{an amazing gold crown* for sale at ABC Carpet and Home via @WestFifteenth}

I’ve loved sharing my fav places to Eat and Drink with you this week. Today is all about my fav places to shop and a quick tip for you before we jump in to the good stuff… if (like me) you’re in to high street stores, you can avoid a lot of crowds by going to the stores located on 5th Ave between 16th and 27th street. This little stretch has pretty much all of my fav stores (some mentioned below) and I find they’re much less busy than the flagship locations in soho and/or midtown, while still having an excellent range.

To make this monstrous list more manageable I’ve made three categories: home, clothes and other. So buckle in and let me take you in to retail heaven!!


ABC Carpet and Home – Flatiron district. This store has two buildings that are right across the street from one another. One building has carpets on the ground floor and the other has a load of gorgeous concessions. I know what the non NY residents are thinking, you didn’t come to NY to buy a sofa. Well that is true, but this store is just soooo delicious. You could pick up a really fantastic throw, cushion or trinket from the makers and sellers on the ground floor that will easily fit in your luggage. Honestly, this place is packed with glossy design and furniture pieces that make you go wow (like when you’re in a really plush hotel). In my book it’s as good as any museum to walk around and be wowed at.

Canvas – Chelsea. This shop is just around the corner from me and is a regular weekend browsing spot. It’s another home store but has much travel-friendlier sized goods on offer. Really lovely ceramics, cushions, trinkets and other homely bits and bobs. I love buying a piece of jewelry and/or something for the home while i am on holidays, I think they hold much stronger memories than a photo.

C Wonder – Flatiron district (5th Ave). Hold me back! This place is d-reamy! Lots of gold and monogrammed items in here. I bought nearly every gold rimmed glass they sell for my bar trolley and have some gorgeous gold and metallic spotty appetizer plates. They have really cute and kitsch clothes and shoes in here. These City Girl smoking slippers are on my Christmas list this year (I hope you are reading this Santa / Jack?!)

Jonathan Adler – Soho. I want every-single-thing from this store too. If you like the luxe, kitsch and playful vibe of Palm Springs then you’ll love stepping in to this dream world of a store. You’ll need a fair bit of cash to flash as it certainly isn’t cheap, but is ohhh sooooo gorgeous and will add a bit of fun and glamour to any room. They host really fun store events too!

Organic Modernism – Chelsea. I love this store but need a much bigger place before I can justify buying anything from here. The piece I’m most lusting over is an amazing wooden sideboard with brass deer head handles. Seriously amazing. If you like to mix up textures in your home then definitely pop in to the store, you’ll have a long list of wants, I promise!


Kate Spade NY – Flatiron district (5th Av).  You’re probably very familiar with Kate Spade, I know they ship internationally but it’s worth going in to the store for some sparkly goodness. I find the sales people in here to be a bit on the intense side and I want to face palm them and say “I’ll let you know if I need help, love”. But I also think they’re genuinely super excitable people and just want to play with all the gorgeous pretty with you! There is always a 20% off section and they carry a great range of shoes, clothes, handbags, jewelry and other accessories like phone covers and make up bags. Tip: if you go into a store now (as in around Christmas) there is sparkle overload…. aaammmaaaazing!!!!!!

Madewell – Flatiron district (5th Ave). A fav of mine for really lovely casual clothing, leather goods (bags and boots) and jewelry. It is well priced and again always has a sale on the second floor. If you’re in to the plaid shirt, chunky knit, low leather boot look, wiggle in to Madewell.

260 Sample Sale – 260 5th Ave (but has other locations). One of those little NY treasures you’ll be glad I told you about. This open retail space hosts really amazing flash sample sale that have previously included J Crew, Asics, Alexander Wang, Rebecca Minkoff etc. It’s worth signing up to their mailing list to be notified what’s on and when. I’ve had a lot of success (probably too much) and bought a lot of killer stuff from here. It isn’t one of those sample sale places that’s just selling chaff. I also like to hold off until the last few days when they’ll take an extra 20% off the already low sample price; to get some real bargains. Fortunately, this is on my walk home so I will be nipping in later today to check out the extra 20% off Alice and Olivia sale!

& other stories – Soho. This is a bit of a newbie for NY and I am so, so glad it’s arrived. If Whistles and Anthropologie (which is another store I go to frequently on my little 5th Ave stretch) had a love child it would be & other stories. It has more of the fashion credentials from Whistles and the variety of Anthro, so a perfect little love baby in my eyes. Definitely worth checking the bright and airy store out, it’s a lovely experience.

DVF – Meatpacking. It wouldn’t be a New York shopping day without going to the flagship and Sex And The City (film) featured glass-walled store, nestled among the cobbled streets of the meatpacking district. Loads of goreous frocks and leather items and it’ll make you feel like a rock star just by being in there!


Fresh – West Village (and other locations). A lovely chain of beauty stores that have become a firm favourite of mine. My beauty cabinet is slightly over flowing with Fresh masks and oils and scrubs, would recommend the Ancienne Nourishing Honey Mask. It’s really amazing and although it feels nice and thick/gooey when it goes on the skin, it’s really easy to smooth on and not sticky even though it’s made with honey. After 8 minutes your skin is looking super radiant and like you’ve just had the best sleep of your life. You want to get some of this good shizzle, don’t you?!

Shinola – TriBeCa. This is a bit of a different one for me. Nothing sparkly, glitzy or glam, I’m mixing it up, you know! Shinola hails from Detroit and this store has really awesome leather goods and watches, so lovely to have a browse around. There’s also a lovely Cafe called Smile in the front of the store (you have to walk through the cafe via some hefty velvet curtains to get in to the actual Shinola store)

Paper Presentation – Flatiron district. If, like me, you love art and stationary shops then pop this on your must go to list. It is packed to the rafters with ribbons, twines, stamps, paper/card of different stocks and textures, gift bags, gift boxes, pens… the list goes on. If you like to try your hand at a bit of DIY or if you just like to peruse these frou frou filled places, then this is the store for you.

Brooklyn flea – Williamsburg. My suggestions thus far have been very safe and samey – as in they are all found on the high street. But I also love a good antique, flea, boot sale vibe. I think it’s the magpie in me that gets attracted to all the retro gold and brass that’s usually findable in these places! Brooklyn Flea has different locations depending on whether it’s summer (outdoor) or winter (indoor), so defo check out the website for actual address. Tip: come to Brooklyn Flea hungry as it rubs shoulders with Smorgasburg, a seriously mouth watering food market.

Chelsea market – Meatpacking. This warehouse type building takes up a whole freaking block and is full of different types of clothes/jewelry shops and eateries including my fav, Amy’s Bakery. Just make sure you leave your MyFitnessPal cal counter off for the day! It’s worth coming for a browse and some lunch/shopping all under one cool roof.

This is Story – Chelsea. I love the concept and experience of this place. Their “Point of view of a Magazine, Changes like a Gallery and Sells things like a Store” makes it such a unique shopping experience. There is always really fun and engaging things to try and do in store, it’s always a bit of a gamble if you’ll find what you want due to the evolving nature of the store. But this is quintessentially a New York thing, please check it out!

Normal – Chelsea. Tech heads will love this store. It’s a place you’ll come to buy customised and personalised 3D printed ear buds (so no more uncomfy white apple buds, yay!). The store is set up as a store come factory so all the manufacturing takes place in front of your eyes. Soooo New York and soooo cool!!

And finally, (you still with me?) it wouldn’t be a NY shopping fav list without mentioning the uber glamorous department stores all dotted around Midtown. Ya know the drill with NY department stores, but the ones here are really worth taking a look at, especially Bergdorf Goodman for some serious stylish merch and luxury shopping experience. Anther fav is the beauty floor at Saks Fifth Avenue and then have a wander around Bloomingdales and Barney’s. I would give Macy’s a bit of a miss if I were you, it’s just always way too mental, even for me!! Tip: the personal shoppers at the department stores are really fantastic. There is no fee and they are not as pushy as you might expect. It’s great to go if you have an event or feeling a bit meh and need some inspiration.

I just want to point out that I can’t afford to buy stuff from a lot of these stores. Some of them are simply shops that I love to browse for the whole experience. It might sound ludicrous to some of you (it certainly does to my husband), but shopping isn’t functional for me, I love to absorb the layout, the merchandising, the overall styling, the music and of course when I can, I love to seal the deal and leave with something new and shiny all wrapped up in tissue, swinging off my arm in a pretty bag.

*because everyone needs to buy a gold crown at least once in their life!

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