Hello lovelies,

Yesterday marked my one year anniversary living in New York City. The Big Apple. The Empire State. The city that doesn’t sleep. The concrete jungle where dreams are made of. You get me.

It’s been a life-long dream of mine to live here. A dream that started way before Carrie and the girls graced our screens with Manolos and men, getting ladies the world over having an en-masse-home-a-oke to that famous theme tune every Friday night.

I’m not actually sure what instigated my gut-wrenching need to come here and give it a go, but it’s been a fire in my belly and as always, I listened to my gut.

In my 366 days of living here, I can honestly say this place is so incredible. Like really, really amazing. It’s not just the usual things like the food, the bars, the shopping, the architecture etc that makes a city so memorable. It is so much more than that, but sure, they are pretty wicked too!

I find it hard to articulate how my state of mind has evolved during my time here already. Along with all the dirt and grime this stinking city has to offer on a hourly basis, for me, there is simply glitter in the cement here. There is a spirit of real go-getters. I am inspired by the creativity and entrepreneurship here – it is infectious.

It is with this sparkly infection that I’m starting West Fifteenth, today. This little part of the internet that I’m going to nurture to be my space to create and share.

For the rest of this week I am going to share my fav discoveries since living here. I once read somewhere that if you went to a new eatery every single meal of the day (not just dinner!) you would never make it around every eatery in New York… So, I am not professing to know everything about this place, but will share my top places (so far) that I like to shop, wine, dine along with a post New York lessons.

I bloody heart you New York!

West Fifteenth Blog 1 Anniversary New York

Yesterday in Brooklyn celebrating our one-year-a-versary!


13 thoughts on “NYversary

  1. I’ll be following this religiously Mrs! I shall live my dream life through you (being as it’s probably not going to happen for me now – boo hoo). xx

    P.S. you write beautifully 🙂


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