Blame it on the baby


WTF?! 28th January 2015 was the last time I posted a blog – Iceland Part 1. Whatever happened to Part 2…? I struggled to think/write anything due to brutal tiredness. It was a typical cold winter in New York. I found my 10 commute more difficult than the year before (which was during a Polar blooming Vortex) and I couldn’t stay awake past 6pm – there was no hope in me writing a blog when I got home from work, basically.

On Tuesday 20th January 2015, the day after Martin Luther King Day (which was spent eating a raw burger swished down with lots of beers!) I had the crazy feeling of weeing on a stick and being acquainted with the blue line – it read pregnant. I was pregnant. I was having a baby. I was PREGNANT….!?!!!!!

I am going to write a series of posts about my experiences of pregnancy, and all things motherhood, so won’t go in to detail in this very post. But it’s my ‘excuse’ for falling off the side of the earth when it comes to disowning my blog!

A lot has happened since finding out our little Casserole in the oven was a girl back in May last year (when I posted this pic on instagram, a vest she still wears and gives me goosebumps) – we re-located back to the UK, we now have a 6 month old disco-diva-baby and I am unemployed!

I promise to write Iceland Part 2 soon! I have loved getting lost in all my regular blog reads, and have of course found new ones since being a new-mum. I’ve been wanting to start blogging again myself, so here it is. Finally. Even if no-one except my Mum and sister ever read this; it feels good great to be back!


Iceland | Part 1


{jökulsárlón glacier lagoon}

Iceland is simply incredible!!! I’m definitely going to run out of over-excitable adjectives in this post because it really is an experience that requires you to lift your jaw up off the floor and say wowsers every few minutes. I surprised my hubbage with a 7-day trip straight after the New Year (that extra week off work went down a treat!) – he had no idea as I had sneakily booked his time off work, planned a full itinerary and even briefed Santa to bring him some Iceland worthy clothing, so he was prepared.

I always search blogs for suggested travel itineraries when I’m planning a trip, they are super dooper helpful for me, so as well as sharing lots of piccies, I’ll give a rough outline of our itinerary including places to stay, things to do and where to eat. If you don’t know me by now, I tend to babble, so sorry this is a bit long, just enjoy the pics if you like!

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Would If I Could | Pink Valentino Dress


{Pink Leather Collared Valentino Dress}

I am so fed up with my winter wardrobe. I found myself daydreaming of warm, summer days all weekend. This wasn’t made any easier thanks to my Facebook newsfeed being filled with pics of Australia based friends who were on beaches and generally cavorting around in summer frocks and bikinis. The snow is pouring in New York City and we’re expecting a record breaking blizzard (if you believe the hype) – so I’m nowhere near putting the snowboots and woolly hats away *sighs and wafts arms above head like a three year old having a tantrum*

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Weekly Web Favourites | WWF


1/ I love creating photo books using Instagram pics. I’m not sure I would want to wear a temp tattoo of an Instagram pic, but I love we live in a world where you can if you want to!

2/ As a perpetual procrastinator, when I get going on something I sometimes try and do everything at once. I do not advise doing this. I repeat, I do not advise doing this. Here are some pros and cons of doing one thing at a time.

3/ I’ve been really getting into podcasts recently* and discovered 5 new podcasts to listen to this week.

4/ Do you believe in hocus pocus? I never cared for all the internet chatter about mercury being in retrograde until last September when my Mac completely died on me, completely out of the blue combined with my husband and I having some serious travel issues for a prolonged period of time! I will park my skepticism for a while and read up on this mercury in retrograde survival guide.

5/ How to ask for more money in work. With a title like that, of course it is worth a read.

6/ I love perusing the interweb for houses I can’t afford to buy and hotels I can’t afford to stay in. I stumbled across this list of hotels that make you go wow and started pinning like a fiend.

7/ On the leadup to our wedding last year, I got seriously obsessed over the weather forecast. This wedding proves no matter rain or shine, nothing will but a dampener on your day (not even when your tipi gets flooded). These are some of the most gorgeous wedding pics ever!

8/ We all remember the scene from Pretty Woman when Julia Roberts’ character struggled with cracking a snail shell and wittingly said “slippery little sucker”. Don’t be a sucker yourself, read these top travel tips on how to eat like a local, no matter what country you’re in.

9/  I just love office tours. This one brightened my week.

10/ I received a random whatsapp from one of my besties today that had me laughing out loud. I laughed so hard it deserves the full expression, no LOLs here! What do you get when you cross a video selfie with pop culture expressions. This!

* future blog post idea – list of my fav podcasts

Prepping for Oscars ’15


I’ve always loved award show sartorialism, what self-confessed frou-frou-aholic doesn’t? But being in the U.S.A last year made the whole thing much more exciting and I’m happy to admit that I got really swept away with Oscars fever. Let’s be really honest, any excuse to get together with friends and order pizza, drink bubbles and discuss the merits (and faux pas) of frocks, bow ties and bouffants on the red carpet.

I downloaded this ballot so we could play along at home and realised that I hadn’t prepped for the Oscars at all. Sure, I was wearing gold sparkly trousers, gold glittery shoes and a bold eye makeup look but I hadn’t bloody watched enough films! I quite literally elected my Oscar winner in the same way I pick a horse to win the Grand National: I liked the title of film, I fancied the nominated actor* or I liked what they were wearing. Fickle, shallow? Yes. I vowed to do better for Oscars 2015.

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Weekly Web Favourites | WWF

West Fifteenth Weekly Web Faves 15th January

Every Friday I’m going to share a selection of links I’ve loved from the world wide web. They may be funny, political, useful or simply entertaining. I’ve got a ridiculously high tolerance for pets in fancy dress but promise to limit the number of these!

1/ A look at the best fashion moments of 2014 and yes that Barbie Moschino collection and Chanel supermarket runway show are included!

2/ A wasp totally kicked a tarantula’s ass, which is not something I would ever usually watch, but the wasp is more fierce than Beyonce in hot pants. I bet you can’t watch it without giving yourself a comforting hug!

3/ I’m excited to try Ralph Lauren’s first restaurant, The Polo Bar, which is opening on Fifth Avenue soon

4/ Some people are good at selfies (some like me, are not) but really… these supermodel in lycra selfies just make me want to order a pizza and drink some pale ale!

5/ Eight ways to refresh your wardrobe staples to keep them fun and fresh

6/ Best beauty products for your pooches (I warned you!) – they deserve some January spoiling too, you know!

7/ Tips on how to write an excellent e-mail subject line, and no, it doesn’t involve loads of these guys – !!!!!

8/ A list of the 13 best tasting menus in NYC, I’ve not tried one of these yet. Must. Try. Harder

9/ Supposedly, answering 36 questions can find you love, one of my fave bloggers put it to the test

10/ Some great tips on how to flog your pre-loved stuff on e-bay – perfect way to get some extra readies this looooong month

Eau de Retro

Eau de Retro West Fifteenth Perfume Memories Nostalgia Fragrance_header

I have a terrible memory, but I’m also a really nostalgic person. How do you like that for a contradiction? Whether it’s a smell, a song or a street, I love being familiarized with a moment in time, a person, a place or all of the above!

My sister bought me the Issey Miyake gift set recently and it brought back fond memories of when we both lived at home with the rents and we’d bicker like cat and dog over whether one of us used too many squirts of eachother’s perfume. We had a strict limit of three squirts per borrow: one squirt for each side of the neck and one squirt on the wrist (we were unaware you shouldn’t rub your wrists together at that age!). Sometimes, we’d be really aggravating and sneak into each other’s rooms to have a few cheeky squirts while the other was blissfully unaware! Sisterly love at it’s finest.

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My Insta Faves

West Fifteenth My Insta Faves Header

{images from L-R @rosielondoner, @taylorsterling & @brooklynblonde1}

If you’re anything like me, your Instagram habit can often reach out-of-freaking-control. I find myself (aimlessly) scrolling through pretty vignettes, #wanderlust pics and expensive fashion finds I simply can’t afford with abandon. When my habit is under control I bloody love this platform! I use the hashtag search function to discover new stuff all the time; mostly things like restaurants and points of interest while in new places. I use it a bit like a location-based Pinterest, does that make sense?!

I wanted to share some of my fave accounts, which was so hard to narrow them down to this six (uhum, well seven if you’re really counting). I think I might need to share some more soon! Enjoy!

Paris in Four Months

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An Ode to Two Thousand Fourteen

West_Fifteenth_An_Ode_To_2014_HEADER IMAGE

{image via Etsy}

I’m 12 days late in saying this but – Happy New Year!! I’ve just arrived home from a totally lush three and a half week holiday and feel refreshed, energized and grateful. It was a holiday made up of many parts including my husband’s 30th bday celebrations, theatre and movie trips, Christmas (obvs), dinner with friends, engagement celebrations, my sister’s big glittery wedding and topped off with a week in fantastical Iceland – all with a good dose of Norovirus in the middle (but less said about that!!!).

I planned to have an unplugged time over Christmas and New Years. A combination of starting this blog with lapping up all the Christmassy blogs and Vlogs in December, meant I felt addicted to my computer/phone so wanted to completely switch off and focus on being present while home with our friends and family over the holiday period. It was so refreshing and I actually really enjoyed taking time out from the world wide web (although I went Instagram heavy while in Iceland it was so darn pretty and fun – I will write a post including our itinerary soon).

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DIY | Monogrammed Christmas Stocking

While living in Sydney us Brits made up a completely fictional holiday called Christmas in July. It’s as simple and bizarre as it sounds – July is the coldest month of the year i.e. most Christmassy! Real Christmas in 38 degree heat on a beach having a BBQ while super fun, just didn’t deliver on our British traditions. Sooo, my friends (the ozzie fam as they’re collectively known) and I would hire a house in the Blue Mountains for the weekend, cook up an absolute storm of a turkey dinner (including sprouts, very hard to get hold of in July!), drink wine, do secret Santa and play games.

One year, I was in an overly crafty minx mood and made these little stockings for everyone and filled them with British sweets. Sorry Ozzies, but your chocolate does not taste the same!

Four years later and the stockings haven’t fallen apart and I actually love them more now than I did then. Not only am I loving all things monogram of late but I love getting them out every Christmas as it reminds me of some pretty special times.

What you’ll need:

  • A4 piece of red felt
  • Scissors
  • A fabric pen
  • Some material glue
  • Gold glitter glue
  • A wool needle
  • White yarn
  • A stocking template. I got mine here

What you’ll need to do:

Step 1: Place the template on the felt and trace around the shape with a fabric pen

Step 2: Cut out the shape using scissors/arts knife

Step 3: Go around the edges with fabric glue. Aim for about 1cm from the edge of the fabric so the glue doesn’t squirt out of the side. And, don’t glue the top of the stocking as you want to be able to put in a little treat from Santa

Step 4: Once the glue has dried, stitch around the edges using nice and chunky white yarn to get the rustic feel to your Christmas stocking. I mixed up the type of stitching, who knew I could do that?! I didn’t!

Step 5: Using a glitter glue pen, get creative and monogram each stocking

Step 6: Pop a little something special inside

So there you have it, a cheap and easy way to create some monogrammed Christmas loveliness